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post-hfliscrew.jpgApparently everyone wants to get in on the small li-ion cordless screwdriver game.  We ran across this one from Chicago Electric at Harbor Freight today priced at the standard just-below $20 point.

The only thing that appears at all different about this unit is that it appears to have a clutch system — something we haven’t seen on the others.  It’s similar to the Kobalt unit in that it offers no charging stand, instead simply plugging the wall wart directly into the tool.  It does, however, come with two standard and four Phillips head bits as well as a magnetic bit extension.

So far, this market seems divided in two: the “high end” (SmartDriver & iXO) at $40 and the “cheaper” units (Kobalt & Chicago Electric, though we fully expect to run across others as time goes on) at $20.

Whether or not giving up a charger stand and 20-30 bits and accessories (as well as a serious manufacturer’s name and quality) for $20 is a good idea we’ll leave up to you.

Chicago Electric Cordless Screwdriver w/3.6V Li-Ion Battery [Harbor Freight]


2 Responses to Another Inexpensive Li-Ion Cordless Screwdriver

  1. Lanora says:

    I need new drill bits for my Kobalt Li-ion screwdriver where do I order these or does it take just the standard from the hardware store?

  2. browndog77 says:

    Take one of your worn ones to the store and check the fit in a standard extension. Better yet, take the Kobalt extension.

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