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post-besseyvc.jpgWe’ve got a ton of spring clamps in the clamp drawer, but when we saw Bessey’s VarioClippix today it caught our attention.  It’s a spring clamp, but one jaw is adjustable, moving up and down a support bar that’s angled to keep the jaws parallel throughout the adjustable range.

Bessey also notes that unlike other spring clamps, the VarioClippix can clamp with varying force; By setting the jaw opening larger than the item to be clamped, you reduce the clamping force.

The VarioClippix has soft jaws to avoid marring your clamped object, and soft handles to go easier on your hands.  Street pricing starts around $10 for individual clips, and we found some 8-piece sets via Froogle for around $50.

The VarioClippix [Bessey Tools North America]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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