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Reciprocating saws are incredibly handy.  Once you’ve used and owned one, you’ll never be without.  We’ve used ours to cut difficult-to-reach wood and metal and for demolition.  We’ve also carried cordless versions to the junkyard; There’s no easier way to free a part or get exactly what you want from that rustbucket.  But someties it can be tricky getting the saw in where you really want it.  Enter Porter-Cable’s TigerClaw Variable Angle reciprocating saw.

It’s pretty much like any other corded reciprocating saw you’ve used with the significant advantage of a gear housing on the front that can rotate through 360 degrees and angled up to 180 degrees.  What this means to you is that you can “bend” the front of the saw around to make it just about any shape you want to fit it in where you need it. 

Besides its Gumby-like abilities, the TigerClaw is a capable saw with an 11.5 AMP motor and a 1-1/4″ cutting stroke.  It’s got a soft grip handle, and a keyless blade clamp.

Street pricing starts just shy of $200, and you can find these saws all over in stores and on the ‘net.

The TigerClaw Variable Angle Tiger Saw [Porter-Cable]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Jim says:

    Price aside, two things that caused me to waffle on the TigerClaw vs. standard Tiger Saw is (1) more moving parts means more things to break–this is generally a piece of demolition equipment, and (2) there is more slop in the head movement because of the additional joints. Who cares if you are taking a wall down, but if you are cutting a hole for a register, you do notice that it takes more work to keep a straight cut than with a traditional Tiger Saw. The fact that you can cut around corners and other cool tricks is nice, but the biggest gain has been bending the saw so I get move leverage on the frame when cutting.

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