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post-perfectmount.jpgLaurey, a company that manufactures all sorts of cabinet and drawer hardware, also produces a series of very useful guides to make it easy to locate and drill holes for hardware mounting.  We used their PerfectMount for Cabinets product this last weekend to install some kitchen cabinet pulls, and were impressed.

Not much description is required here: The PerfectMount guides are simply jigs that fit flush against the corners of your cabinet doors and offer perfectly-aligned holes to indicate where you should drill to attach hardware.  In the past we’ve made our own jigs for this purpose, but at a $5 street price, why bother?

Laurey offers a variety of PerfectMount guides, including versions designed for cabinets, drawers, and hidden hinges.  Laurey’s website is “under reconstruction” as of now, but they do offer a downloadable PDF of their full hardware catalog on the notice page.  Luckily, the PerfectMount guides are available all over.

Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. RICH IRIBARNE says:

    Hi, I`m looking for perfectmount for 5″ pull, is that available? thanks, Rich

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