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post-snips.jpgWe were shopping for left-curve aviation snip today and came across this great set from Stanley.  We’d set out looking only for a left-curve, but at $30, why not have them all?

The set includes left-curve, right-curve, and straight snips which meet ANSI standards.  What caught our eye were the nice, soft rubber grips.  They’re made up of two different materials, one harder to help you control the tool, and a secondary, softer back grip to keep you from getting blisters using them.

For those who’ve never used snips, they’re manufactured in left and right versions because it’s extremely difficult to cut a curve with straight snips without badly bending and distorting the material through the curve,  The slight curve built into the left and right curve snips keeps the tool from distorting the metal (as much).  Of course, you’ll find that you distory the material less and less with practice.

Stanley recommends them for cutting aluminum, vinyl siding, screening, cardboard, leather, and copper, and that pretty much sums up how we’ve used them.

We found this set at Lowe’s for $30, though they’re available elsewhere as well.

3-Piece Aviation Snip Set [Stanley Tools]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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