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post-eastwood.jpgEastwood Co’s emailing subscribers today with an interesting daily special: a 3-piece adjustable profile gauge set.  If you haven’t seen profile gauges before, you’ll want to check it out — they’re pretty slick.

Essentially, they consist of a formable material that can be captured between a two-sided, firm frame.  To emulate curves on a surface, simply form the material to match, then lock it down with the frame.  Now you can carry the form-fitted gauge around to check other shapes against the one you captured.  In the photo in the email you see a gauge in common use — matching the curve of a Jaguar headlight cowling, probably to compare it to the other side to make sure they’re the same.

Anyway, the gauges are on sall for $49.99 (from $56.99) and come in a kit of three including 5″, 10″ and 15″ gauges.  They’re also for sale individually (though not discounted) should you require only one.

Adjustable Profile Guides [Eastwood Co.]



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