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airfilter.jpgThe unpleasant task of checking the air conditioning filter once again fell upon us recently. What makes it unpleasant is the overwhelming feeling that the filter has been left in forever and is hanging to life by the thinnest of threads. If you’re like us, remembering when you last changed the a/c filter is about like remembering what shirt you were wearing three weeks ago. If you rack your brain long enough, it might come to you, but the outlook is grim.

With that in mind and with the good of our ever-faithful A/C unit at heart, a friend of ours suggested that we — wait for it — write the date on the filter at the time of service. 

It hit us like a hammer that we should have been doing this for years now.  So, the next time you’re loading that filter into an air return, grab a Sharpie and scribble down the date on the filter itself.  A month or so down the road you might not remember, but the filter will.


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