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welding-ess.jpgWe’ve been doing quite a bit of welding lately, and we’ve got a number of “how-to” features coming up on the subject.  In the meantime, though, we’d like to share with you one book that we’ve found to be of significant help in the learning (and reference) process: Welding Essentials: Questions and Answers by William Galvery and Frank Marlow.

They tackle the simple and advanced concepts involved in welding via a very friendly “Q&A” style format, indexed in the front by welding type and process for easy reference.  These questions really are “frequently asked” — they tend to be closely related to the questions you find floating around in your head while considering the welding process.

What makes this book particularly useful is its significant depth.  It answers a lot of questions about the welding process, but it also answers other procedural questions not generally addressed by non-textbook publications.  For example:

Q: Are all oxygen cylinders painted green?

A: Absolutely not.  Frequently, oxygen cylindres are painted green or have a green band, but the only sure way to determine the contents of a compressed gas cylinder is to read the adhesive label on it.  This lable is required by law and should not be removed.  Do not go by its color as there is no color code.  Unlike civilian industry, the US armed forces do  color code their cylinders.

Besides the most common welding techniques such as oxyacetylene welding and cutting, SMAW (stick), GMAW (MIG), and GTAW (TIG), ‘Essentials surveys other less common techniques such as electron beam welding, electroslag welding, friction welding, and laser beam cutting and welding. 

‘Essentials also covers some welding planning techniques such as those required to control distortion — there’s a whole chapter dedicated to distortion — and those required to read welding diagrams.

All in all, ‘Essentials offers a broad overview of welding and is a great book to have on your shelf if you’re a casual or pro welder.  It’s like having a very experienced pro sitting there on the shelf waiting to answer your questions at any time of day or night. 

The version we reviewed is labeled “Expanded First Edition!  Now includes an entire new chapter on ‘Fabrication and Repair Tips.'”  Indeed it does.  Industrial Press also offers a whole Q&A-style book on the subject titled “Welding Fabrication and Repair.”  Look for a review here in the near future.

Street pricing starts around $30.

Galvery, William, and Frank Marlow. Welding Essentials: Questions and Answers. New York, NY: Industrial Press, Inc., 2001.  ISBN: 0-8311-3151-9

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