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When exiting the check out lane of your local Home Depot now until the 30th of July, be sure and grab one of these customer appreciation coupons from the cashier. They’re valid from the 27th thru the 30th of July and good for 10% off store wide purchases up to $2000 at The Home Depot. See the back of your coupon for further details.

So if you are considering that large summer purchase anyway, go down to the Depot and pick one of these bad boys up first.

Home Depot [Home Depot]


2 Responses to Sale: Save 10% at The Home Depot

  1. Arnold says:

    For those Home Depot patrons in the Denton, TX area, the store on Fort Worth Drive is closing and has items marked as 75% off. Include the aforementioned 10% coupon and thats a very substantial amount of savings. Good luck.

  2. Jin Jean Wang says:

    Purchase at Home Depot

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