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exmovers.jpgWe needed to move a 200 lb. workbench around last weekend, and it seemed like just the kind of “move a heavy, awkward object” situation we were looking for to try out the EZ Moves II pads.  Our opinion in short: They’re better than we expected. 

With this little system you can move hundreds of pounds across most flat surfaces. Their construction is pretty simple. Objects are gripped by the 1/2″ thick foam. The smooth plastic base has a built in dual spring action to apply upward pressure keeping the pad in place during movement of the object.

We moved our workbench across tile, carpet and concrete and had no issues with one person pushing with one hand. The set is available at your local home center as well as on the net and the $15 investment is well spent considering the no lifting or marred flooring option it provides.

EZ Moves II Moving system [ezmoves.com]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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