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portercablebitset.jpgIf you hang around old school carpenters and woodcrafters they will give you two bits of advice pretty regularly: don’t cut your wood too short, and the finished edges on a wood project are what separates a good project from a great project.  To create those edges you need a good set of router bits, and Porter Cable just made obtaining them easier with the release of their 10 pc. “Master Woodworking” router bit set.

This set, like other Porter Cable “Professional Edge” series bit sets, features the POZI-STOP shank, which allows for a perfect repeatable depth set each time.  The set also features 10 of the most commonly used routing bits in common sizes including: 1/4″ 2 flute straight, 3/8″ 2 flute straight, 1/2″ 2 flute straight, 3/8″ V-groove, 1/2″ core box, 45-degree chamfer, 1/4″ Roman ogee, 3/8″ rabbeting, 3/8″ cove, and 3/8″ corner rounding.

The diversity of this bit set makes it a good place to start for DIYers looking to do finish, cut-out or molding work.  It’s a good deal considering all the bits in the set, but it’s not for the weak of wallet, though, with a $180 price tag (with some shopping).

10pc Master Woodworking Router Bit set [Porter Cable]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


4 Responses to Porter Cable: 10pc Master Woodworking Router Bit Set

  1. Jason says:

    Overstock.com has the Holbren 24pc Bit Set for $29.99. I have the Holbren set and in spite of the bargain basement price it seems like a reasonable quality set (though you might want to take my endorsement with a grain of salt, since I don’t own many other bits or do a ton of routing).

  2. Sean says:

    We take any suggestions about tools at a lower price with a welcome grin. Bravo sir!

  3. Frank Hicinbothem says:

    MCLS has a variety of bit sets available, including a 15 piece set with pretty much the same pieces as this PC set, and it only US$39.95. The quality is pretty good. I couldn’t live without their edge-banding kit. And their paper catalog is a must-have for the true router-bit-pr0n aficionado.

  4. Frank Hicinbothem says:

    Oh, poop! I blew that. It’s MLCS. I knew that didn’t look quite right.

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