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post-sears10p.jpg* Not really everything per se, but a lot.  Ask Sears for details.

We’re on the Sears mailing list and we received an email today indicating that sears is offering 10% off everything online for subscribers.  So, if you’re a subscriber you might want to look for this in your mailbox, and if you’re not (and you intend to purchase somehting soon) you might consider registering.

By the way, what kind of experiences have you had with Sears recently?  One reader recently passed on his Sears experience that was a bit scary:  When he returned with a damaged “lifetime warranty” Craftsman ratchet driver, he was given a “refurbished” tool from a special roll-away instead of a new tool.  While “repair or replace” has been Sears’ Craftsman policy for some time, this might signal a newfound change in practice.

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One Response to 10% Off Everything* from Sears.com Through Thursday

  1. ck1dog says:

    I have had the same problem before. I have a lifetime warrenty 30′ tape measure that has been replaced literally a dozen times now. They simply have a drawer of commonly returned items that they swap out. I do not believe it is a new product, but haven’t had any problems with them either.

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