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post-pckit.jpgIf you’ve got a job coming up and need to buy a full set of pneumatics, Porter Cable wants to make it as easy as possible for you by offering a kit loaded with an 18 gauge brad nailer, a 16 gauge finish nailer, an 18 gauge stapler, and a .8 HP 6-gallon pancake compressor.

The compressor runs on 120 VAC, so you’ll need on-site power and an extension cord.  The kit also comes with a canvas bag and weighs a grand total of just 34 lbs.  Other accessories include a 40′ air hose with coupler and plug and 3,000 fasteners. 

This is essentially a one-stop-shop option for the serious weekend warrior or small-job contractor, and it’s priced very reasonably at just $360 or so street.  That price places this kit squarely in the DIYer’s court and pretty much eliminates any excuses for starting another job with just an old hammer and spring-stapler.

Finish Nailer/Brad Nailer/Stapler/Compressor Combo Kit [Porter Cable]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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