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post-pottingknife.jpgIf swapping those winter plants for summertime ones is still a “to-do” item — either because you live up North or because you’ve procrastinated — you may want to add a potting knife to your shopping list when you head to the home center. 

Separating plants from the pots (or “plastic bins”) they come in (on flats) can be more difficult than it seems when you’re picking them out.  The roots can get tangled up in the drain holes, and you’ll end up tearing them out when you pull too hard.  On the other hand, you could just insert a potting knife and run it around the edges to cut the roots at the very edge, leaving as much root structure as possible still attached.  The end result: less time spent separating them and plants that are more likely to survive.

We found this one online for $25, but you can find them locally for the same or less.

Potting Knife [Charley’s Greenhouse & Garden]


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