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BBO1.jpgSK Hand Tools has signed on to sponsor one of our favorite build shows — Biker BUild Off — starting this fall.  The winning shop for each shows competion will roll away with a bunch of sweet SK tools.

The SK press release explains the new twist for the upcoming 5th season:

Although aesthetics are crucial to all the builds, the contest also requires the bikes to work; the builders must ride them as far as 1,000 miles to major bike events, where attendees vote for their favorite. The stakes, and tension, are raised with the fifth season.

Each builder/designer will be allowed only one packet of tools to use on the road to the competition, and there will be no backup truck packed with extra equipment. If a bike breaks down and the rider can’t fix it with what he’s carrying, he’s out of the competition.

In three of the Build-Offs the trophy will go to the fastest bike rather than to, as in the past, the most popular. The contestants in those match-ups will build track and motocross bikes, then go head to head for the top prize. 

Also, “Biker Build-Off” season 5 will feature a woman builder for the first time and the most multi-cultural, multi-national lineup of artisans ever.

We can’t wait to see a big time builder like Billy Lane stuck on the roadside with just a packet of tools and a busted bike, like the rest of us.  Wonder how that’ll fly?  Hey, we’ll tune in to find out.

S•K Sponsor of Biker Build-Off [S•K Press Release Page]


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