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pivotrake.jpgLawn rakes have not changed much since your Dad first put one in your hand and pointed to a rather unruly looking mess in the backyard.  Your options have changed a bit now with leaf blowers (assuming Dad’ll spring for one), but they’re not always a neighbor-friendly option.  So, if you’re stuck raking the old fashioned way, Vertex International makes the Pivot Rake just for you.  It offers an ergonomic new design that can pull or push leaves, much like a broom moves dust.

The Pivot Rake starts out with a foam-padded, telescoping, aluminum handle that extends over 4 feet.  At the top of the 28” rake head itself there’s an adjustable locking pivot that allows you change the angle to suit your height or comfort level. It can be used with traditional pulling action to rake along fences, buildings and hard-to-reach areas, or you can flip the head and use it like a broom to push leaves and grass.

We admit it looks a bit different to be pushing leaves like a broom, but it does seem like it would be handy in the never ending struggle for backyard tidyness.  Or you could just pay it forward and have kids.

Carefull price hunting will score you the Pivot Rake for around $15 – $20.

Street Pricing [Froogle]


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