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Dremel’s released a “limited edition” line of rotary tools decked out with the colors, numbers, and signatures of some of your favorite NASCAR drivers/teams: Dale Earnhardt Sr. (#3, of course), Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (#8), and Kevin Harvick (#29).

Besides the racing livery, these are essentially the standard Dremel 7.2V rechargable rotary tool that we all know and love.  They come with a standard 3-hour charger, a wrench, and six accessory bits as well as a “specially designed ‘DOME’ display case” and a 2-year warranty.

We’ve found them starting around the $50 price point on the street. 

Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Dremel & NASCAR: Like Chocolate & Peanut Butter

  1. Dannie Long says:

    I have a Dremel 2 sp. scroll saw for several yrs. the tension bar finally broke. I ordered a new one , but one just doesn’t stick it in and it works. I’ve had it apart probally 10 times and tried to adjust but haven’t been able to get the tension to tighten, or it’s too tight and blade will not fit. most of my experience is the blade is too loose. any suggestions??? Thanks

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