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post-rockler.jpgRounding out our all-woodworking Sunday — which wasn’t on purpose, by the way — we’d like to point you over to Rockler’s woodworking blog where they (along with help from Woodworker’s Journal) explain how it’s possible to use your router table as a jointer.

From the post:

Using a router table as a jointer is a good option if you’re working in tight quarters or on a tight tool budget.  The main drawback is the time it takes to get the fence set up with the correct offset.  If you own a Rockler router table and fence, you’re in luck.  Rockler offers a set of router table jointing shims that make setting up to use your router as a joiner quick and painless.

This is pretty useful stuff, as a full-on jointer is often a late purchase for a small shop.

Note: Rocker obviously sells these things, so be aware that you’re reading a sales pitch.  On the other hand, we’ve seen some pretty good information in Rockler’s blog before.

Using a Router Table as a Jointer [Rockler Woodworking Blog]


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