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post-bbq.jpgCooking out on the 4th got us in the mood to write about barbeque grills, and we’re preparing a future post about them.  Of course, we’d like to include your views as well.

If you’re an avid BBQer, could you take a moment to drop us an email and tell us a bit about your favorite BBQ grill and what you like and don’t like about it?  We’re specifically interested in:

  • What type of grill you prefer — gas or charcoal — and why
  • What type of food you primarily prepare (burgers, steaks, chicken, vegetables)
  • What you like and don’t like about your existing grill
  • What’s the best grill you’ve seen for sale — your “dream grill” — and why
  • Your best cooking-out stories

We appreciate your time, and regardless of whether you email or comment below, we’ll enter you in our Game Chair Giveaway.


5 Responses to Tell Us About Your Favorite BBQ Grill

  1. adam spriggs says:

    I much prefer charcoal over gas. I like the taste that charcoal gives meat — as does my whole family. Then there’s the smell of charcoal after the lighter fluid has burned off. You can enjoy it all day — all you have to do is smell you shirt.

    I primarily prepare beef — burgers and steaks. My parents provide beef from the farm for my family and my sister’s family. There’s nothing like it. I occasionally grill some veggies as kabobs or in foil.

    I have my dream grill — a cast aluminum Portable Kitchen grill (http://www.pkgrills.com). My granddaddy had one, my dad had one and I’m carrying on the tradition. It’s small and simple — great for grilling anything and it’s big enough to smoke a turkey

    Some of my fondest cooking out stories are about my dad grilling out in the snow. Those talks around the grill — sharing tips on how to get the different cuts of meat just right. Trying new things and having them turn out good really gets me going.

  2. Dan Sroka says:

    We have had a Weber Genesis A for many years now. We bought it after several of our friends had, and we all love it. It is a solid, easy to use and easy to clean grill. It grills with such predictability, it’s almost as reliable as a regular oven — I always know how my meat will cook. While I enjoy charcoal grilling, it’s just not practical for me to do (with a kid and dog under foot). The Weber does a great job.

  3. Crispy says:

    Protip for those of you using charcoal grills. I put plenty of lighter fluid on my charcoal but when I come back the coals seem to go all sissypants on me and not do like they should. I have a feeling its something I’m doing wrong.

    But if you are ever grilling and don’t have time to wait on the coals or they are giving you troubles, then grab yourself either a nice heat gun or hefty hair dryer. You don’t need the heat part of it, just the airflow. Plug that puppy in and aim it at your coals and they will superheat and get nice red-glowing hot in about 5 minutes flat.

  4. F Alonso says:

    I never thought of using a hair dryer on my coals before. I can’t wait to try it. I bet those coals get white hot quick.. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Matt D says:

    I love my Broilmaster gas grill. My system for arranging the coals is as follows: one side, briquette-shaped lava rock , for grilling hot dogs, burgers, steaks; the other side, rough texture lava rock for barbecuing ribs, briskets, etc.
    I use wood chips in a foil pouch, and it would be hard to tell whether my ribs, were cooked on gas or charcoal (live fire).

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