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post-besseyclamp.jpgWhen you’re fabricating, you need clamps — lots of clamps.  They play a key part in the process: design it, measure it, cut it, clamp it, weld it, finish it.  Locking grip type clamps are great for quickly clamping an item to the welding table, but sometimes you just need more distance between the jaws. 

The most common tool used in those cases is a C-clamp, but it stinks to wear out your arm cranking (and cranking and cranking) to get one set for your needs.  Bessey’s clamp, however, features a slidingarm that lets you quickly position it close to the size you need, then crank to provide gripping force.  They claim it’s “9 times faster than a C-clamp,” and we’d tend to agree.

Bessey’s clamps are drop-forged and electro-galvanized for durability and feature a heat-treated, high carbon threaded screw to resist welding splatter.  They come in medium-duty, regular-duty, and extra-heavy-duty flavors ranging in size from 8″ to 60″ (nominal opening) and can be found on the street for between $15 and $300.

Heat Treated Steel Sliding Arm Clamp [Bessey]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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