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tilesawand-laser.jpgWe saw this kit while in Home Depot today picking up some odds and ends, and thought it offered an interesting and useful combination of tools for a pretty low price.

The kit features first and foremost a 10.5 amp 4” wet/dry tile saw with a diamond tipped carbide blade that will get you through the thickest tile without too much hassle.  Think of it as a circular saw for tile.  Of course, in this case the saw has a steady stream of water to the cutting area to help prevent cracking and shattering of the tile. 

We realize that portable tile saws do lack the accuracy and speed of a standard table top tile saw, but they do have the additional advantage of being able to cut out grout lines for repair work by using a shallow cut depth.  In some instances, the portable is pretty handy.

The kit also features a flooring installation laser that projects a pair of 90 degree laser guidelines, helping you to avoid nasty chalk lines that disappear after being stepped on and get blown over with excess grout and/or lost under tile glue. 

Home Depot was asking $79 for the whole kit, which is less than half the cost of a larger table mounted wet saw.  This might be just the thing for that one-off DIY tile job you’ve got at home.

Tile Installation Combo Kit [Home Depot]


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