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We received the latest Harbor Freight catalog in the mail today, and we were surprised to find a couple of items therein that we didn’t imagine would show up even at the good ‘ole HF:

lightupfrog.jpg          focalpoint.jpg

From page 11, the Smiling Frog Solar Light

This solar powered light will make a charming addition to your water or plant garden.  Warm amber colored light eminates from the belly of the frog.  $9.99

From page 14, the Ranch-Style Mini Windmill

Add a touch of notalgia to your yard with this 55″ ranch style windmill.  Easy to assemble.  The spinning wheel creates a focal point and tells you which way the wind is blowing.  $15.99

So, if you’re one of those sad, sad, focal-point-less-yard-having people or your water garden is dark in that way that can only be remedied by a glowing frog belly, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to pick up these items while they’re on half-price sale.  Seriously, who could resist a windmill that looks like it was built from plans drawn by Spinal Tap?  And that frog would be perfect to replace the one your aunt sent you that “ribbits” every time you walk by.  What ever happened to that thing anyway?

Of course, if you’ve got $2.99 left over, there’s always the electronic fly swatter on page 1. 


One Response to The Latest from Harbor Freight Tools

  1. Nick says:

    I have two friends who swear by the electric fly swatters – they love the electric blue spark and puff of smoke that juicy bugs make when hit by the thing.

    Then again my neighbor just uses a plain jane badminton raquet to kill yellowjackets…

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