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targetgaurd.jpgThere are times when brute force wins out, and lot of those times seem to come up during masonry work.  When you’re swinging a five pound hammer at a target the size of a dime — like, for example, a chisel — it’s nice to have a bit of reassurance that your hand isn’t in the line of fire.

The Target Guard Mason’s Chisel provides such assurance. It starts out as any other chisel, made from forged, high impact steel. The twist on the design arrives in the form of its most obvious (bright yellow) oversized features: a molded, hard, rubberized grip that extends from the top of the tool down to make a firm grip good for gloved hands and a four inch protective disc near the striking face that shields the hand underneath from stray blows.

The Target Guard is widely available at most home and garden centers in an array of sizes for purchase prices ranging from $8 to $12 — which doesn’t sound like a bad investment to save a few valued digits.

Target Guard Mason’s Chisel [Lowes]


One Response to Is Your Hand Under Attack?

  1. Myself says:

    AHHH! I love this chisel! Owned one for a decade and it’s saved me a LOT of bruises.

    The previous technique, and the one I still use on non-guard-equipped chisels, is to grab the shank in a pair of slip-joint pliers, and tape or rubberband the pliers shut around it. That’s certainly cheaper and at least as protective, but it makes the chisel harder to control.

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