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cablecuff.jpgThe Cable Cuff is an inexpensive, all-purpose alternative to the bread twist ties and zip strips currently in service holding your cords and cables together.  The main advantage: they’re re-usable.

A thumb lock on the top releases a catch and opens the cuff, and since it’s made from high impact plastic it’s quite durable. They’re available in range of sizes and able to span cables or cords of 1 to 5 inches diameter. 

We came across these while looking for a way to keep shop extension cords and power tool cables wrangled.  They’re sold through Home Depot for $0.98 to $1.35 cents each.

Cable Cuff [Home Depot]


9 Responses to Cable Cuff: The Re-Usable Cord Wrangler

  1. Jon says:

    Love these. Have ~half a dozen of these. Not only do they hold my cables, but I also put the cuff around a post in my wire shelves so all the cables are in one place.

  2. Myself says:

    I picked one up for a specific extension cord I salvaged from an industrial setting, and it was the wrong tool for the job: The Cable Cuff’s hard plastic is too slippery to grab the cord’s fairly hard PVC exterior, so it slides around and the coils end up all different sizes. A rubber ball-end strap works much better.

    For soft rubber or vinyl cords, the Cable Cuff is probably a fine idea.

  3. Breann and Alyssa says:

    The Cable Cuff is an amazing invention. Not only does it hold long cables together, but it also is GREAT for gifts. Alyssa and myself play Peter Pan with it, and I myself have given a baby claw [[we call it the ‘claw’]] and a mama ‘claw’. I also have a daddy ‘claw’ that alyssa wants but sadly, cannot have.

    I love this.I want to marry the CLAW!.

  4. Alyssa and Breann says:

    Hi, i love the claw. it is a good pet.:D

  5. Grace Tan says:


    We would like to know how we can contact the distributor for Cablecuff. Kindly please advise.


  6. Grace Tan says:


    We would like to know the contact or email to the distributor of cable cuff.


  7. Roger Knights says:

    Here’s the website of the distributor, CableClamp:

    Here’s their email:

  8. andy says:

    Bought 5 cuffs at Home Depot 2 weeks ago. Still have 1 that’s not broken. Those high impact thumb locks could use some durability.

  9. Noel Burles says:

    Love these things but really need one size between the small and the meduim The difference between the two is to much …If there was one size between the two I would buy a bunch more’

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