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post-9290.jpgSkil announced today that they’re freshening up their grinder line with the introduction of an updated 4-1/2″ angle grinder targeted at homeowners, advanced DIYers, and occasional pros.

As you can see from the photo, the new 9290 is a barrel-grip type with a top-mounted switch, which we’re fond of.  The bottom-paddle-switch types can really hurt your hand after a bit of use, and they also have a nasty tendency to turn on when set down on a workbench.  It sports a 6 amp motor spinning at 11,000 RPM, and it features a special guard which can be rotated into different positions without the use of additional tools.  This can be handy for getting to those tough-to-reach spots.

The grinder’s packaging will include a metal grinding wheel, wheel guard, flange kit, locknut wrench, assist handle, and the whole shebang in covered by a standard two-year warranty.

It’s going to retail for $39.99 through home improvement centers, so if you don’t already have an angle grinder you really won’t have any excuse after this one hits shelves in August.


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