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post-renz.jpgWe happen to have some second-story windows, which don’t always get washed as often as they should.  We decided to remedy that over the holidays, and after a quick trip to the local hardware store we ended up with the Renz E-Z all-purpose window washer sprayer.

These generally come in 6-packs for around $80, and they’re essentially just canisters that attach to the end of your hose and mix the included soap with water to clean your windows.  The spray can reach second story windows — like ours — pretty easily.  They leave surprisingly few streaks and spots, and they’re a whole lot safter than climbing a tall ladder to do the job.

Looking online we see that some home stores/hardware stores also sell them individually for around $17.  So, if your windows are dirty, why not pick one up and get the job done before everyone comes over for barbeque tomorrow?

The Renz E-Z All-Purpose Window Washer Sprayer [Froogle]


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