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post-jumpstarter.jpgA friend of ours carries one of these with her company vehicle and has gotten herself out of numerous bad situations.  We, on the other hand, didn’t take the hint when she mentioned it to us and found ourselves stranded briefly last week when a brake light stuck on in one of our vehicles and killed the battery.  We’re going to remedy the situation this week and pick up a Jump-N-Carry or equivalent.

The model pictured here — the Jump-N-Carry JNCair contains a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery and an integrated charger.  Charge it every so often and keep it in your car, and you can jump start yourself whenever needed without the assistance of another vehicle.  This particular model also has a built-in air compressor that also runs off the SLA, so you can air that semi-flat up to get it over to the repair shop.

There are lots of similar devices out there, as you can clearly see from the Froogle link below, but expect to pay between $100 and $200 for a decent unit.  It might seem like a lot, but it beats being stranded hands down.

Jump-N-Carry Portable Battery Boosters/Jump Starters [Froogle]


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  1. Rick says:

    My dad has a similar device and it’s saved my ass. I drove a 98 Malibu that had the alternator go on it and I got stranded about 3 miles from home. I had my father-in-law pick me up and I went home to get the jumper. Hooked it up, car cranked right up. But the battery had been so drained that by the time I jumped in the car and took off, I got about a quarter mile before it died. So I did what any self respecting gearhead does. “Call AAA?” – Hell No.. I hooked up the cabled again, lay the jumper down on top of the air box and closed the hood as much as possible and drove the car home the rest of the way. Even had enough to juice to turn the car around in the driveway, and back it into the garage.

    Also used it one day when I left my glovebox open in my BMW and had a flight to catch. I just jumped it with the device, threw it in the back seat and took off.. A week later when I came back from my business trip, I didn’t even need it to jump start the car in long term parking. (but it was there in case I did)

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