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post-homed2.jpgIs it just us, or does the Home Depot website’s search feature seem to never locate the item you’re looking for? 

We were looking for a specific item today and had no luck at all finding it by search term even when using each part of the name individually and in all possible combinations.  Once we’d made the trip to the store itself and had the item in hand we tried searching for the product number and did find it online.  It was there the whole time, but just never showed up.

This is really frustrating.  Home Depot, if you’re listening out there, we like to search to see what you have available before we come in to buy.  We have a Lowe’s equidistant to us in the opposite direction, so it’s frustrating to have to drive all the way down just to discover that we have to drive back in the opposite direction.  You’ve got a search feature — why not give it a once-over and make sure it locates items easily?


One Response to Do you have good luck w/Home Depot’s search feature?

  1. Jason says:

    I have a problem with linking to specific items on Home Depot’s site. If I drill down to a specific item and copy the item URL into another browser window, it takes me to the category page for that item, not the specific item page. This means that I can’t bookmark items or even link to them in forum posts.

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