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post-minibuck.jpgNo Toolmonger should be without a pocket knife, but in this post-9/11 world you’ll find little understanding at concerts, sporting events, and even major company office entrances for the larger models you’ve probably carried in the past.  Forsake a pocket knife no longer; we have a solution.

When one of our contributors brought a Buck Knives Model 425 “MiniBuck” into our offices a while back, we were immediately taken with its size, shape, material and functionality.  Its hard 420HC steel folding lockback blade holds a point very effectively while its thermoplastic handle offers durability and good grip.  And at just 2-7/8″ and 18 grams, you almost don’t notice that it’s in your pocket.  Within a month, we all picked up MiniBucks as our “everyday” pocket knives, saving our larger knives for evenings, weekends, and for use in the shop.

The MiniBuck isn’t a fancy knife, but then again Buck used to ask just $15 for it.  Sadly, they chose to discontinue it for unknown reasons.  The good news is that we’ve had no trouble finding them online (or on eBay) for $10 or less — it just takes a little poking around.  (Of course now that we let you know, they may not be so easy to find.  Trust us, though, when we say it’s worth the effort.)

The Model 425 “MiniBuck” Pocket Knife [Buck Knives]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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