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hounddog-bulbplanter.jpgIt struck us this afternoon when we were planting some flowers in the front garden that stooping over isn’t really the back-friendly way to plant bulbs.  Thankfully, a company called Hound Dog has our “lazy gardener’s” solution: the Garden Planter.

Imagine the Garden Planter as a small cross between a shovel and a post-hole digger.  By positioning the Planter then stepping on the foot bar near the bottom of the tool, you can use your bodyweight rather than muscle to drive the bladed scoop the perfect depth into the soil each time. Then you simply grab the lower handle and squeeze to close the scoop at the bottom over the loose soil and lift it free. Savvy gardeners can also pick up a prepared plant and carefully place it into the freshly dug hole without putting the tool down or bending over much at all.

We think anything that eliminates the “stoop factor” from digging garden holes on a hot Sunday afternoon is well worth spending about $20 at the local home and garden center, which is exactly where we found the Garden Planter.

Hound Dog Garden Planter [Ace Hardware]


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