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post-octo.jpgSkil recently released a new finishing sander featuring a large triangle-shaped sanding head as well seven other uniquely-shaped detail attachments — hence, the “Octo.”

It’s a corded tool with a .8 amp motor which orbits 12,000 times a minute.  It also features a built-in worklight and a dust canister to keep you from making too much of a mess (or breathing too much dust).  But what sets the Octo apart are the detail attachments, which include the following types: finger, slot, outside corner, inside corner, concabe, flex, and extended delta.  The nose of the Octo also locks into three different positions to let you reach those tough spots.

Street pricing starts around $40 for the kit, which includes the sander, attachments, 32 pieces of sandpaper, and a carry bag.

Octo Multi-Finishing Sander, Model 7300-01 [Skil]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to The Skil Octo Multi-Finishing Sander

  1. Al Silverstein says:

    Great tool bust try to get replacement sanding pads—it’s futile.

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