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sprinklerrepair.jpgWhile tending the lawn this week we managed to mangle a sprinkler head with the weed eater. This is not a happy occasion by any stretch. However, if you’re a toolmonger like us, it means a trip to the local hardware store for some tools.  That’s not such a bad thing, right?

We found the Sprinkler Tool Kit from Orbit to be just what we needed to make a quick repair to our ailing lawn care system. The kit is made up of a few simple items that can help you perform sprinkler surgery.  There’s a pair of heavy duty, ratchet action, plastic pipe cutters that will cut a pipe up to 1” in diameter for splicing out broken PVC pipe pieces.  It also contains a  T-handled PVC hole boring handle and boring attachment for putting a sprinkler head hole in PVC pipe, a medium sized flat head screw driver – sized perfectly for sprinkler head nozzle adjustments — and a small role of PVC tape to seal up leaky or cracked joints.

We’re in favor of a $12 repair kit over a call to the landscape repair company any day, especially since they will show up with tools that look, well, pretty much like what’s in this kit.

Sprinkler Repair Kit [Orbit]


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  1. RobinB says:

    I believe what you are actually getting is a “nipple driver,” not a boring attachment. This is very useful when a pipe nipple gets broken off close to a fitting, and there is nothing left outside to grab. You simply jam this tool into the broken pipe end and unthread it. This is a very common irrgation repair and a very useful tool.

    The tape is more likely PTFE (Teflon) Plumbers tape… no? If so it is used to seal threaded joints, not to repair cracked joints.

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