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Toolmongers Top 5If you’ve been busy in the shop this week and haven’t had time to keep up with Toolmonger, we recommend checking out the following posts when you have a chance:

How-To: Turn an Old Tractor Seat into a Great Shop Chair
We put the chocolate of an old tractor seat with the peanut butter of a broken office chair to make a slick little roll-around for the shop.  Follow our instructions to build your own.

Preview: Milwaukee’s New V18 Cordless Line
We talked to Milwaukee about their upcoming Li-ion-powered V18 line (due in August).  The verdict: It’s a fewer-cell version on the V28, and the line’s drill is all new.  Check out the post for details.

Hurricane Preparedness Part 1: Weather Radios/Public Alert Devices
Here’s part one of our three-part hurricane preparedness series.  Weather radios have come a long way, baby.  Don’t miss out.

Save Your Fingers, Woodworker: The SawStop
Who’d have guessed it – a saw that stops in 3-5 milliseconds when you touch the spinning blade.  This looks like something we should all eventually own.

Book Review: The Field Guide to Tools
Ever wonder what that tool on the flea market table is and what you can do with it?  Need a gift for a newly-wed couple?  The ‘Guide can help.

We’ve got a lot to tell you about next week as well, including our hands-on experiences with two new low-cost Li-ion cordless screwdrivers and our first report on our new BMW airhead motorcycle project.


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