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post-scalemaster.jpgYesterday we mentioned Stanley’s Fat Max Tru-Laser measuring device, and today we came across another tool that’d be extremely handy in putting together job estimates: Calculated Industries’ Scale Master Classic.

You can use the Scale Master just like a pen; draw around an area on plans and it’ll give you linear distance, rectangular area, and even volume.  It converts between scales and dimensions using a number of built-in scales, or you can draw a line and enter its distance to create a custom scale (to match a faxed set of plans, for example), six of which can be stored in the Scale Master for future use.

The Scale Master Classic lists for $69.95, and we found it for as little as $52 today on the street.  To make getting learning the Scale Master easier, Calculated Industries also offers a “quick start tutorial video” for $10.  They offers a variety of other calculators and calculating tools for construction and shop purposes as well; their website is worth a look.

The Scale Master Classic [Calculated Industries]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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