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post-trulaser.jpgCarpet and flooring layers (as well as numerous other contractors) need the ability to measure a room or object quickly and painlessly in order to provide estimates.  In the past, the tool of choice for this job was an ultrasonic tape: a device that bounces sound off a remote object and times its return to calculate distance. 

As you can imagine, there are some limitations to ultrasonic tapes, specifically the fact that they need large surfaces to work correctly and can sometimes catch spurious sound reflections that degrade their accuracy.  To eliminate those concerns, Stanley’s created what they call their “Tru-Laser” distance measuring system — a system that actually measures the laser light travel distance.

To use the unit, you simply point it to place the red laser dot on the remote item you wish to measure and press the button.  It instantly displays the distance on its built-in LCD screen.  It measures from 2′ to 100′ with a +/1 1/4″ accuracy (at 100 ft), and can display units in ft/in fractions, ft/100ths, in/10ths, or metric.

Best of all, street pricing starts around $100.

The FatMax Tru-Laser Measurer [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Alejandro Chataing says:

    I am intereted in acquiring one of this equipments. Miami area, could you give me any distributors?
    thank you

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