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Milwaukee has updated their cordless caulk gun line with a new 14.4V model, released in April and now available via commercial distributors.  The new model provides the same 620 lbs. of pushing force as the older 12V gun, but increases runtime — Milwaukee claims 185 10 oz. tubes of caulk per battery charge. 

Most notable among the 14.4V gun’s new features: you can now set the speed range of the variable-speed trigger with a small dial on the back rear of the gun, dialing in the correct speed range for the job so you don’t have to half-squeeze the trigger all the time.  The battery’s also reversible to let you improve the gun’s balance with different caulk loads.

Additionally, the new gun features an all-metal gearbox, electronic overload control, a 360 degree swivelling carriage, a trigger lock (so the gun doesn’t happily caulk your toolbag on the way home), and a manual clutch release to simplify reloads.

As with the 12V, Milwaukee offers the 14.4V gun in three kits, each equipped with a different carriage.  The 6562-21 fits 10 oz. tubes, the 6562-23 handles quart sizes, and the 6562-24 is designed for sausage packs.  Street pricing starts around $220, $235, and $245 respectively.  

You can also purchase the carriages separately, so if you commonly use more than one type of tube, you can swap them out as needed.

Note: We linked to the 10 oz. kit version below, but you can find the other two easily on Milwaukee’s site.

14.4V Caulk/Adhesive Gun [Milwaukee]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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