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The Build

You’ll want to start by removing and discarding all the junk parts of the chair.  Ours came off pretty easily with just four bolts.  Next, we measured and cut our two pieces of 1″ square tube. 

DSC03718.jpg      DSC03720.jpg

Specifically, we cut them to 11″ so we could close up the ends using the tabbing technique we described in “tricks of the trade” on page 2 of the game chair post

Once we had the ends closed up, we laid them on the chair mount and measured the cross distance, which came out to exactly 7-1/2″.  We then measured and cut the bar stock to make the crossmember on which the seat would mount.

DSC03730.jpg     DSC03732.jpg

We laid the crossmember on top of the 1″ tubes on the seat and tacked it into place, assuring that there would be room to drill a hole for the seat mount bolt in a place where the bolt wouldn’t contact the button/lever assembly. 

We then measured and marked the spot where we wanted the seat bolt to mount, center punched the spot to make sure the drill didn’t wander, and drilled the 1/2″ hole.

DSC03737.jpg   DSC03741.jpg   DSC03744.jpg

After a quick test fit of everything, we finish-welded the outside and inside of the plate/tubing seam.  Then we turned the whole assembly upside down on the bench and plug-welded our mount to the chair.

DSC03746.jpg     DSC03753.jpg

Since some of the mount would be visible after the seat was mounted, we took a few minutes to mask off the chair with some newspaper, and we primed and painted the mount assembly black to match the seat we found. 

DSC03759.jpg     DSC03765.jpg

All that’s left is to let it dry and bolt the seat on.  Read on to page 3 to see our finished chair.

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5 Responses to How-To: Turn an Old Tractor Seat into a Great Shop Chair

  1. Rubes says:

    This is the second project with the wirewelder that i’ve seen on toolmonger. If I had a better workshop area to store it in and work on projects I probably would have picked one up already. Keep the great articles coming!

  2. Eric says:


  3. Dean says:

    I’m a little late to this, but I’m new to the site and just had to say how much I love this project! I’m a huge fan of old tractors and this would be perfect for my barn/shop/garage. Thank you for this!

  4. Tracy Allen says:

    You also could buy a fancy store bought one like at http://www.denlorstools.com/ but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!

  5. Barry Horton says:

    This is a really great Eco idea, especially for old tractor enthusiasts. I have the top of a broken Windsor arm chair fixed onto a broken office chair base that I use at my shop desk, but these look like much more fun.

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