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post-ixo2.jpgWe saw Kevin Kelly’s mention of the Skil iXO cordless palm-size screwdriver this morning and thought we’d pass it on.  We actually received a tip about this tool from a reader as well, and we’re looking forward to checking it out in person.

It appears that we’re starting to see the Li-ion technology that’s making incredible tools like the Bosch I-Driver possible trickling down into much less expensive consumer-line tools, bringing with it longer runtimes, longer charge shelf-life, and easier charging maintenance patterns.  In the case of the iXO, this translates into a tool that can accept a full charge at any time and can hold that charge for 18 months on the shelf.  Black & Decker also offers a virtually identical product called the SmartDriver Compact Screwdriver.

While the 3.6V iXO and SmartDriver aren’t torque monsters, they’re really intended for household tasks anyway.  Kevin Kelly mentioned selecting the iXO for his college-bound daughter’s toolkit, for example.  When you consider that these drivers retail for less than the cost of the I-Driver’s battery, you can begin to see how they fit into the scheme of things (and your toolbox).

Street pricing for the iXO starts around $50, and the SmartDriver comes in a little less at $40.  Look for more in-depth posts about each of these tools in the future.

[via KK’s Cool Tools]

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