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Toolmongers Top 5If you’ve been busy in the shop this week and haven’t had time to keep up with Toolmonger, we recommend checking out the following posts when you have a chance:

Hands-On: The Bosch Litheon I-Driver
We lay “hands-on” the I-Driver, which is due to hit store shelves in August.  In short: we loved it.  Look for our review of Bosch’s other small Litheon driver, the PS20 pocket driver, next week.

Gage-It.  Gage-It Good.
This 89 cent hardware gauge is handy as hell around the shop.

Book Review: The Machinery’s Handbook, 27th Edition
In its 90th year of publication, this is a book that should be on the shelf of every engineer, shop manager, or tinkerer.

Lenox: Low Profile Hacksaw
Here’s a full-size hacksaw that you can actually fit into small spaces.

The Hardware Hacker’s Specialty Driver Set
This driver set is your ticket into just about any tamper-resistant fastener-equipped item in your home and shop.

Also coming soon: some exciting coverage of Milwaukee’s new V18 cordless line, part one in our hurricane preparedness series, and (of course) lots more interesting tools and projects.


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