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router.jpgOk, so you can draw.  But can you draw with a router?  If not — and who can? — Trend Routing Technology has the answer to turn you into a routing artist in no time flat: the Routasketch.  It’s an attachment system that allows you to trace an image with a stylus while your router follows the same path.

The process is pretty simple: hook the router into the lower arm of the tool and load the V-point stylus in the upper arm. Slide the drawing you are going to transfer onto a separate stand that holds it directly over the wood and router.  Then, simply trace the drawing by moving the router to move the stylus.

Even if you’re not particularly good with a pen and paper (or mouse and keyboard), you can use the Routasketch to trace other images, text, or anything else you’d like to transfer from paper to wood.

The system will work with most small light-duty hand-held routers and retails for around $90.

The Routasketch [Trend Routing Technology]
Price Search [Froogle]


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