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post-clampit2.jpgHere’s another one of those “why didn’t I think of that” tools: Rockler’s Clamp-It assembly squares.  They’re just simple polycarbonate squares to which you can clamp any two pieces of wood you’d like to assemble in a 90 degree angle.  Rockler suggests that they work weel for simple joinery, as a drill press jig, for drawer assembly, and for deck rails, but we can think of hundreds of other uses as well.

Clamp-Its aren’t just for the nuevo riche — they sell for only $12 each.  Rockler also sells 5″ “Mini Clamp-It” bar clamps sized to fit perfectly with Clamp-It squares for $6 each, or for $5 each in quantities of four or more.

By the way, while you’re over at the Rockler site give their blog a look.  They offer some pretty sweet free woodworking advice.

Clamp-It Assembly Squares [Rockler Woodworking & Hardware]


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