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post-DW745_1.jpgWe noticed a press release over on the DeWalt site a couple of days ago regarding their introduction of a new 10″ compact table saw — the DW745.  For some reason, though, there’s no information about it on the site and the press release has apparently been removed. 

A call to DeWalt brought the photo you see to the right, along with some basic information:  The DW745 will join DeWalt’s current saw line offering contractors and other portable saw users the choice of a lighter unit than the current DW746.  Apparently the DW745 will be quite light, weighing in around 45 lbs. (vs. 254 lbs. for the DW746).  We remember from the original release that it’ll offer a 15-amp motor and a 16″ capacity.

You can also see from the photo that the DW745 will have a protective “roll cage” similar to those we’ve seen on other high-end portable table saws.

As we learn more, we’ll pass it on.


7 Responses to DeWalt’s New DW745 Table Saw: A Lighter Choice?

  1. michael says:

    You reference other high end portable tools with roll cages, though I cannot think of any. Can you be specific?

    Also, do you mean 16″ to the right of the blade? That would be surprisingly low, since most if not all competitive saws have 24+ inches of capacity to the right.

    No doubt that the light weight will be a plus, though.

  2. Loren says:

    I just read a press release with a picture. Good lookig little saw, though why the a pathetic excuse for a miter gauge? When are these portable saw manufacturers going to come out with a saw that is lightweight, rips competently, and has a miter gauge or other crosscut device that actually is worthwhile?

    Oh I know. I am supposed to be lugging around a 45lb plus miter saw for all my crosscutting needs. There was one European miter saw that had a saw table on the top of the blade so it doubled as a small table saw. Dewalt sells a portable table saw/ miter saw combination in Europe (very expensive).

    I’m still waiting for the tool that makes the cutting of small parts in the filed actually convenient and safe. The DW745 isn’t it.

  3. Wally says:

    I’m in the market for a new benchtop and I saw the dw745 yesterday at my local Home Depot in NJ. I looked around the web for some reviews but even Dewalts site has it as a currently unavailable item. I might just have to be the guinea pig. I’ve seen it available for sale on German tool sites. Check out your Depot, I’m heading over there now.

  4. Wally says:

    I checked out the dw745 table saw at HomeDepot this morning. The price is $370. The tubular base is connected directly to the table. This is good because in my experience I have broken the plastic base on my old Makita 2708 when inadvertently overloading trash on top of it in the truck. Call me a slob but it’s a real world happenin’. The back of the 745 is totally open to the world but the blade is fully covered in a steel dust shield. The topside blade guard (guard…we don’t need no stinkin’guard!) / kickback was bent up on the floor model but I guess that happens with such a skinny support. It has the well liked rack and gear fence setup as the next model up with real metal gears. There are bevel or mitre gears that work to raise and lower the blade very smoothly… they are plastic. It’s a decent looking little unit with a small footprint but I may go with the porta cable 3812 for a little less money online and a track record. The Dw745 is from Taiwan

  5. Bruce says:

    I was just looking at this saw at my local Lowes (Souuthern NH) this morning. Im looking for a portable model, and was thinking of getting the Bosch 4000-09 until I saw how big it is compared to those like this Dewalt.

    It looks like a decent saw, but I’m gonna look around a bit more.

    And, yeah, the miter gauge looked pretty subpar on this one. The gauge just drops into the channel with no undercut to hold it in.

  6. John says:

    I just bought the 745 and I’m impressed. It’s great for my limited space workshop and it performs it makes great cuts.

  7. Skip Thomsen says:

    This is an all around terrific saw. Regarding all the complaints about the miter gage, most saws come with a cheesy miter gage, so just go out an buy a real one, like an Incra. If you would like to see some comprehensive reviews from professionals using this saw (and other tools), bring up the tool on Amazon and go to the reviews. There are lots of them.

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