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post-selffeedbit.jpgWe’d like to let you in on a secret we learned from the plumber a while back: it’s not necessary to break your back when using hole saws.  Milwaukee makes a slick set of “selfeed” bits that, well, feed themselves.  (Now if only we could do that.)

These bits essentially have a screw mounted in the center.  To use them, you simply act as if you’re driving a screw.  The screw grabs the wood and pulls the larger bit right on through.  Also, whereas hole saws fill up with the wood you’re cutting — they’re shaped like a cup, so once the “plug” you’re cutting out fills the bit, you’re in trouble — the Milwaukee Selfeeds actually chop up the center wood and eject it out the back.

The result: It’s easy to line up, easy to get started, easy to keep straight as it cuts, and it’ll cut through very thick material without problems.  Nice.

Street pricing starts around $25.

Selfeed Wood Drill Bits [Milwaukee]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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