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post-bender.jpgWe’d forgotten to mention this to you until today, but last week we were wiring in an air compressor and found ourselves wanting to make a couple of bends in conduit.  It’s a lot easier than it would seem.

A quick trip to Home Depot netted us the bender pictured here, made by Ideal.  To use it, you simply insert a handle through the center, insert your conduit through the end, and bend.  The curved shape of the bender prevents kinking.  To make it easy to apply pressure with your foot, it includes a serrated “step” edge that provides good traction.  Between your foot on the edge and your hands on the handle, it’s pretty easy to control.

When we went to post this tonight, we also came across a PDF guide from Ideal Industries that goes into great detail explaining how to perform more complex bending tasks such as back-to-back and offset bends.  Luckily we only needed two 90 degree bends a good distance apart, but if you’re looking to do something more complex, be sure to check out the guide.

Street pricing starts around $25.

Aluminum Bender Head w/Handle [Ideal Industries]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Bender Guide [PDF — Ideal Industries]


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