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post-slidecaliper[2]1.jpgStarett’s running a sale on slide calipers through June 30, including the new electronic Model 799 series we mentioned earlier.

Some specifics:

  • 6″ Model 799: $96
  • 8″ Model 799: $136
  • 12″ Model 799: $256

The sale includes others as well, including the Model 125 verniers, and the Model 120 and Model 1202 dials.

The prices are listed at Starett’s site, but you’ll need to pick up the calipers from distributors.  Not all distributors are participating, but if you give Starrett a call at (978) 249-3551 they say they’ll help you find one that’ll honor the price.

Slide Caliper Sale [Starrett]


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