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lowprofilehacksaw[2].jpgAll hacksaw jobs are not created equal, nor are they all created in easy-to-reach places. Lenox recognizes this, offering a cool twist on the sturdy rectangle-shaped design standard hacksaws have shared for decades.

The tip of their Gray Wolf 5012 hacksaw is tapered down at the front to fit in areas with smaller clearance for those close-quarter cuts, while the rear of the saw remains large to support a big handle grip that’ll fit your gloved hands. 

We’re really impressed.  In the past you had two options: the big saw or one of those little mini-saws that’s barely bigger than the blade.  Sure, sometimes you’ll still have to use the mini-saw, but in our experience, the ‘Wolf could handle 90% of the close-quarters work..

The ‘Wolf uses standard 12″ hacksaw blades and street pricing starts around $20.  (Though if you hunt you can find it for even less.)

The Gray Wolf 5012 Low-Profile Hacksaw [Lenox]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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