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We love music in the shop.  When you’re doing something you have to do, it makes the job go more quickly.  And when you’re doing something you want to do, it makes the day that much more sweet.

There are some problems, however, with having a radio on the worksite, not the least of which are powering the unit for more than a couple of hours and protecting it from the harsh environment.  If you’ve ever knocked a portable radio off a counter or smacked your CD player with a wandering two-by-four — don’t ask — then you realize that the jobsite is not very boombox-friendly. And that’s assuming that you found a place not currently powering a saw or battery charger to plug it in.

In comes Bosch with the PB10-CD “Power Box.”  With sealed buttons, speakers, battery chamber, and CD player and an aluminum roll cage complete with padding that can protect the unit from a 10-foot drop (!), this is one badass boombox.  You can power it off line power — it includes a 4-way GFCI-protected power splitter so you’re not hogging the plugs — or with any of Bosch’s 12V, 14.4V, 18V, or 24V power tool batteries.  And when it’s plugged in, it’ll charge any of those batteries as well.

Aside from all that cool durability and power, it’s an AM/FM  digital radio with 30 preset buttons (20 FM/10 AM) and a front-load CD player with anti-skip technology and CD-R/CD-RW compatability.  Not to leave out the high-tech among the tool crowd, Bosch included a standard 3.5mm aux jack for MP3 player compatibility.  (A specific iPod dock is available separately, though we question the concept of bringing your iPod to the jobsite.  It won’t take a drop from 10′.)

Street pricing starts around $180, and you can find the PB10 — the same unit, but minus the CD player) for around $130.  Rock on.

PB10-CD Power Box [Bosch]
Price search [Froogle]


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