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pondsbook.jpgRevised and expanded this year from the original 2000 edition, Creative Homeowner’s Complete Guide to Water Gardens, Ponds, and Fountains is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to plan, construct, and maintain your own pond or water garden. As we’re getting into the really hot season here in Texas, we thought it was a good time to look at escaping some of the heat by contructing your own backyard utopia (read: shade, moisture).

The Complete Guide is practical and easy to read, providing need-to-know details on all the important steps from deciding what type of water garden or pond will suit your lifestyle to the down-and-dirty installation of pumps and filters. It also addresses how to go about choosing the design and construction of your pond, how to select and introduce a variety of critters and colorful plants, how to measure and maintain water quality, and how to perform seasonal tasks that keep your water garden dynamic and vivid throughout the year.

Copious illustrations and photographs are provided to inspire and to inform, including stylistic tips on adding aesthetic elements like fountains and lighting. Detailed photos showing the actual construction and setup of several types of ponds are provided, along with difficulty ratings to help you decide in advance how much effort it’ll require to meet your goals.

The Guide is most informative when it comes to things we novices might not have thought of, such as simple tips on the physical and chemical interaction of plants and animals with the water, what common mistakes to look out for (proper sun/shade/temperature), and even advice on how to make small container ponds.

Either way, whether you’re a beginner like us or an advanced ecological expert, the Guide is an excellent resource for learning all the basics about planning, installing, and maintaining your own backyard haven.

The list price for the Guide is $19.99, but we found it new online for $12.97, and used copies are available starting just under $12.

Fisher, Kathleen. Complete Guide to Water Gardens, Ponds, & Fountains. 2nd ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Creative Homeowner, 2006. (Softcover) ISBN: 1580111831

The Complete Guide to Water Gardens, Ponds, and Fountains [Froogle]


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