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Bosch Heat Gun Model. 1942Heat guns are extremely useful for both high-end industrial work and lesser tasks as well, such as urging heat shrink tubing to do its thing.  But truly powerful units like the Bosch Model 1942 can also strip paint, heat liquids, loosen stubborn fittings, soften caulk, and thaw frozen pipes.

The 1942 is not new; it’s been a solid performer in the Bosch lineup for a long time.  This is probably due to its high output blower that can produce 750°-1000°F degree blasts of heat and its rugged design, but the holder on top that allows the unit to be used in a stationary position at multiple angles caught our eye.

While you can use it like a normal pistol-grip head gun, you can also invert it and sit it on the workbench to use as a stationary blower.  Or, you can set it on the stand when you’re done using it to allow it to cool down without burining the bench. 

Bosch also offers a line of heat reflectors, concentrators, and spreaders for the 1942 to help with specific tasks.  Street pricing starts around $80.

Model 1942 Heat Gun [Bosch]
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  1. Neil says:

    i want to win that chair

  2. This looks very futuristic. I already have a heat gun though, and i’m very happy with it at the moment.

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