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post-milwaukeesweeps.jpgMilwaukee’s giving away a West Coast Dominator chopper to one lucky sweepstakes winner.  Additional prizes include:

  • five V18 cordless combo kits (look for the new V18 series to hit the shelves in a few months)
  • ten Jobsite Armor accessory kits
  • twenty-five die-cast models of the ’62 Milwaukee Bel Air Car (featured on Monster Garage)
  • and a thousand Milwaukee branded hats

As if we need to tell you, this is the standard you-trade-your-information-for-a-chance-to-win sweepstakes.  The contest runs through Sept. 5, 2006, and you can register via the Milwaukee website (below) or at your local Milwaukee distributor.

Milwaukee Website [Milwaukee Tools]


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